The Perfect Christmas Brunch: Pandemic edition

‘Tis still is the season to be jolly! Christmas, along with all the merriment and cheer always brings with it the anticipation of hosting or attending the perfect party – with the perfect outfit, perfect décor, perfect menu and of course…the perfect gifts!

And of course, given the pandemic, our hunt for the perfect yet socially-responsible party brings with it the need to do some research and be absolutely sure about our festive decisions!

So, worry not, we have a put together a mini guide for you this Christmas.

  1. If you’re the host,

– make sure you and your guests are vaxxed! Plus make sure everyone takes a PCR test 48 hours prior to the party!

– Create an agenda for the party – do you want to play games, organize Secret Santa, have a relaxed dinner and just hang out? Once you have that, creating your menu, fixing your décor and selecting a playlist will fall right into place!

– Check with your guests in advance for food allergies or preferences

– Head to your nearest Homebox or Homecentre for simple Christmas décor

– If you’re very confident about your cooking skills or just don’t feel like preparing a full-fledged turkey, look for outdoor catering services! At Ramada Corniche, we host Turkey takeaways every year! We have packages that cater to different groups and we also give you the option to choose between a turkey only and a turkey with a variety of sides and dessert!

  1. If you’re looking for a party:
  • take a look at event listings on Timeout, Whatson, Abu Dhabi Talking etc. in the 1st week of December to make sure you don’t lose a spot! Check out Virgin Media Ticketing, Kidzapp and Platinum List too as venues usually list their tickets on these apps/websites
  • Follow up with the venue manager to confirm what the inclusions at the event are as it’s always good to know what to expect
  • Find out what the COVID policies at the venue are and look for reviews that mention the same!
  • If you’re looking for a kids-friendly Christmas Party, head over to Ramada – as we have our annual Christmas Brunch with Santa! Our super-affordable Christmas brunch includes a LOTS of fun activities for kids including games with prizes, pictures & dances with Santa (who by the way comes with gifts from the North Pole), games for parents, a carnival entertainer, a DELICIOUS brunch with all the Christmas classics like a whole roasted turkey, Christmas mini bites, chocolate fountain, cake pops, mac n cheese, baked salmon, roasted chicken, glazed vegetables and a lot more!

Our strict adherence to COVID protocol makes for the perfect, safe Christmas party that you and your family can enjoy with peace of mind!